LA Galaxy striker Javier Hernandez ‘Chicharito’ was emotional after the Mexican international was told to address the claim that he's a bad father during an interview. Javier Hernandez burst into tears when he was asked to address the ‘bad father’ claim during an interview with Mexican network ViX last month.

Javier Hernandez revealed it's been more than a year since hesaw his children, Nala and Noah. The striker fought back tears without success while talking about his kids as he talked about the criticism faced about being a bad father and his battle with depression. According to him, he would love things to be different as regards the situation with his kids.

Ex-West Ham United, Bayer Leverkusen and Manchester United attacker Javier Hernandez established how hard it has been to be away from his two kids for almost two years. The Mexican international said he has been criticised unfairly and that people don't know he's in a lot of pains for being away from his children. He added that his inactivity on social media doesn't mean he's either a good father or a bad father.
Javier Hernandez said Nala and Noah are the two people he loves the most and he won't have wanted them to know what he's been passing through. Speaking further, Chicharito as he's fondly called said he wasn't the best partner he needed to be, the best father he wanted to be, he wasn't a great friend and he wasn't a great human being he wanted to be.
Chicharito is no stranger to going emotional during interviews. The LA Galaxy striker has struggled to keep his emotions in check during past occasions. One of those occasions was when the attacker broke down in tears when he informed his father that his European Dream is over after leaving Sevilla for LA Galaxy.