Hernandez Expresses His Happiness Being In West Ham

Javier Hernandez is quite happy and motivated being in West Ham. The Mexico international may move away for a while from the London Stadium as he would be doing a campaign for the first time with the Hammers. The 30 year old forward of Manchester United is not keen to find a way out of the club as he is happy to be there as he thinks it’s an amazing place to be in. It has been a good pre-season for him and the season would begin next week and Hernandez is hopeful that this time it would be better than the last one.

After the season came to an end last time, Hernandez visited Spain to work on his fitness with the help of his fitness coach prior to the world cup. Thereafter, the work turned out very well at the World Cup, but they could go further. Well, its football and not always you get what you wish and aim for. Hernandez spent some time in Miami and a few weeks in his hometown. He feels good, although he needs a bit of improvement as far as fitness is concerned.

Hernandez has come back from the duty of
“the World Cup to see Manuel Pellegrini as the West Ham. “
The front man looks forward to open a new beginning after taking a good summer back in his hometown in Guadalajara.

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it a point to visit his home once a year, but it’s a bit difficult when the Premier League is on as there is no break during winters. He feels good to see his family and meet his friends as it’s a good break for him from his hectic routine. Currently he is in London and he is glad to be there. The player successfully netted around 8 times in his 30 appearances last season for West Ham.