West Ham locker room unhappy with Hernandez’s salary

There has been a claim coming from an anonymous individual who is believed to be close to the West Ham set-up that there is an unpleasant feeling inside the Hammers locker room regarding the salary that the club’s superstar player Javier Hernandez is getting.

Hernandez’s weekly salary is one hundred and forty five thousand pounds and no West Ham player comes even close to that. There are three other players who are getting the weekly salary of a hundred thousand pounds and then every other player in the squad in below the hundred mark.

The reason why the West Ham players are a bit annoyed at the moment is because Hernandez is not even playing. If he had been in the XI every game and had been sweating it out there on the pitch, then his massive salary would still have been justified to some extent, but in most of the games this season, he has warmed the bench which makes other players think if he deserves that much and if they, who are sweating it out every week, don’t deserve that much.

“The problem we’ve got with him is that he is our highest paid player and he doesn’t play.“ So that causes an issue with those players who do play regularly. They start to think well if this player is on 145,000 pounds a week, then I should be on that or more” That anonymous person was quoted saying by “The West Ham Way“ podcast.

When West Ham had roped Hernandez in last year and had offered him this salary, they had massive expectations with him. The chairman had gone on record saying that Hernandez might turn out to be the club’s greatest signing ever. But it hasn’t proved to be that way as Hernandez has been very mediocre with his performances.